Zanova Soap Paper sheets clean and moisturize your hands in one wash. You can camp longer, comfortably, and safely.

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Make your camping experience better today

Why paper soap is good while camping?

  1. It only requires 150 ml of water (less than 10 tablespoons) and does not waste your clean water.
  2. It has an anti-collapse design and does not have the risk of leakage, melting, etc.
  3. It moisturizes your hands with every wash so that your hands do not dry out or crack due to very hot or cold weather conditions during camping.

Premium hand care even during camping

During activities, we don't have as many resources to take care of our hands as we have at home. Our soap paper will help you to keep your hands protected from dryness and deterioration even when you are far from your place.

Anti-collapse, portable design

Our compact design will allow you to fit it in your pocket or wallet and carry it with you anywhere you go.

How does Zanova Soap Paper compare to others

Zanova Soap Paper

Normal Soap Paper

Normal Bar Soap

Normal Liquid Soap

Collagen boost (Reduce dryness)

Fragrance free

Anti-wrinkle design


Save water

Eco-friendly Packaging


Starts at $9.95

Price of Soap + Hand Cream

Price of Soap + Hand Cream

Price of Soap + Hand Cream


😲 Fast Relief
😲 Collagen Enriched
😲 Water-Resistant
😲 Fragrance-Free