Dry hands hurt. Premature wrinkling sucks. Try this.

Zanova Collagen Soap Paper is the easiest way to "fix" dry hands


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Why do hands dry up and start to form cracks?

There are several reasons that lead to dry hands.

The most common reasons include washing hands excessively and using harsh soaps. As sweat and dirt mix with our body’s natural oils, they settle on the skin to form bacteria. Most soaps break this settled layer down resulting in easier removal of pathogens from within the pores. In the process, the skin increases in dryness.

Certain lotions and hand creams can be beneficial for moisturizing hands after they have become dry, however, these lotions and hand creams never solve the problem completely.

The best way to solve the problem is to prevent the cause of the problem in the first place.

The solution is to use better quality soap.


Why are Zanova Collagen Soap Sheets the best solution for dry hands?

Collagen is one of the main building blocks of your skin. When your skin becomes damaged or cut, it heals itself due to the collagen within your skin.

Furthermore, research shows that using collagen leads to an increase in skin hydration. Frequent use is also important for the best results.

Afterall, washing our hands is something we do several times in a day.

That's why we invented Zanova Collagen Soap Sheets. It's your greatest ally in battling dry skin and chapped hands.


Away from dry hands. Without a sticky feeling.

Collagen enriched soap sheets are shortcuts to keep your hands
from getting dry while cleaning away that sticky feeling.

Collagen boost
All natural ingredients
Plastic savings
Save water

How does Zanova compare to other hand care routines

Zanova Soap Paper for Hand Care
Other Hand Care Routine
Simple. Just wash your hands with Zanova
Soft soap + moisturizer + cream/lotion + etc
Time needed
Fast. Just 20 secs
2+ mins
Availability / Portability
The compact design fits in wallets, pockets, and bags.
Use it anytime anywhere you want
Only at home

Give your hands the care they deserve

👉 Let's fix dry hands today

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