Dry hands hurt. Premature wrinkling sucks. Try this.

Zanova Soap Paper is the easiest way to "fix" dry hands

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Why are dry hands not good for you?

Dry hands suck.

Dry hands hurt.

Dry hands can lead to premature wrinkling.

Dry hands are more prone to infections.

Nowadays, we wash our hands frequently. However, using the wrong soaps can hurt our hands.

As sweat and dirt mix with your body’s natural oils, they can settle on skin to breed bacteria. Most soaps break this oily layer apart by softening it up for easier removal of pathogens from the pores. In this process, our skin can develop dryness. In severe cases, it can trigger conditions such as eczema.

There is a need for a better soap.

Zanova Soap Paper comes to the rescue

Zanova Soap Paper is the smart way to protect your hands from overdrying. Each sheet is infused with plant-based collagen, a powerful anti-ageing additive that enhances the appearance of dry or damaged skin.

You’ve probably been washing your hands a lot more frequently as of late. Unfortunately, when you’re out in public, whether at work, at a restaurant, or wherever else, you don’t have much control over what soap is available. Cheap, chemical-rich soaps – often used in public restrooms - can strip the natural oils on your hands, causing them to feel dry and cracked.

Zanova Soap Paper is designed to fit inside small pockets and wallets. The innovative design doesn't crumble easily.

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Collagen boost
All natural ingredients
Plastic savings
Save water

How does Zanova compare to other hand care routines

Zanova Soap Paper for Hand Care
Other Hand Care Routine
Simple. Just wash your hands with Zanova
Soft soap + moisturizer + cream/lotion + etc
Time needed
Fast. Just 20 secs
2+ mins
$29.95 for 120 washes
Price of soap + moisturizer + cream/lotion + etc
Availability / Portability
The compact design fits in wallets, pockets, and bags.
Use it anytime anywhere you want
Only at home

Give your hands the care they deserve

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