We’re Running Out of Clean Water – That’s A Big Problem

In recent years, Californians' clean water future has become scarily uncertain. Precipitation variability, water overuse, and a changing climate are to blame. And things keep changing more quickly. By 2050, the severity of widespread summer drought is projected to almost triple in California.

It's more critical than ever that Californians work together to save water and make the world a better place for future generations.

And it’s not just California that’s getting parched. The past few years have seen record droughts across the American West. The once-gigantic Lake Powell, in Utah and Arizona, is expected to stop producing hydropower by just 2023 because its water levels will be so low.

The whole World needs clean water. But if current consumption habits continue, two-thirds of the population may live in water-stressed countries by just 2025.



We Have a Shared Responsibility - Reduce Wasteful Water Consumption

Saving just a couple of liters of water per day can make a huge difference because those small savings add up. Saving two liters per person per day, a family of four saves nearly three thousand liters a year! Now imagine if hundreds, thousands, or tens of thousands of families do the same.

Coincidentally, just keeping the tap closed while lathering your hands saves about two liters of water per day.

Using paper soap is another great way to keep water usage low. People wash their hands, on average, ten times a day. They use roughly two to four liters of water each wash, so that’s 20 to 40 liters a day. Paper soap, on the other hand, requires a quarter of a liter, or less, per use.  

  Normal Soap Paper Soap
Per handwashing 2 - 4 L 0.15 - 0.25 L
A day (10 times handwashing) 20 - 40 L 1.5 - 2.5 L



At Zanova, We Want to Make Reducing Wasteful Water Consumption Easier

Our core goals are to innovate unique solutions, make sustainable lifestyle products the norm, and reduce wasteful water and plastics. We keep these goals in mind during every stage of our product development process.

Using a Zanova soap paper, you’ll be using the very minimum amount of water necessary for handwashing while still providing yourself with the best possible hygiene and skincare for your hands.

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