Long Gaming Sessions? Dehydrated and Dry Lips? Don't Let It Turn Into Cracked Lips: Hydrate and Protect!

"Thank you Zanova Lip Balm!"
"I game a lot online, with chatting, forgetting to drink regularly and apparently licking my lips all the time without realizing it I end up with really bad dry lips. Sore, cracked or even fully split lips. I tried Zanova lip balm and the cracks are gone and my lips are actually soft. No gloss or fruit taste/smell to encourage me to lick my lips more either. Would reccomend."
-Ethan A.
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Zanova Collagen Lip Balm

Long Gaming Sessions? Dehydrated and Cracked Lips?

Here 8 Reasons to Hydrate and Protect the Lips.

  • Prolonged screen time can cause dehydration. It may lead to dry, chapped lips.
  • Engrossing in the game leads to forgetting to drink water. That leads to dehydration and dry lips.
  • Drinking water after long hours game is not an instant solution for dehydrated lips, the lips need instant moisture.
  • Touching face and lips frequently without realizing it during the game, adhering the microbes or bacterias coming from the keyboard and joystick directly to the lips, which causes dryness and even cold sore.
  • Air conditioning or heating can dry out the air in a room, exacerbating the drying effects on the lips for people who play for prolonged time. Some games have a high level of stress or tension, causing to bite or lick the lips more often, further drying them out.
  • Some games involve a lot of talking or shouting all of which can dry out the lips.
  • Some games require intense focus which can lead to shallow breathing that dries out the lips.
  • The blue light emitted from screens can disrupt the sleep-wake cycle and lead to dryness of the lips.
  • Lip balm can be applied quickly and easily during breaks or pauses in game play, helping to maintain hydrated lips during prolonged gaming sessions.

Zanova Collagen Treatment Lip Balm

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