Collagen Treatment Hand Mask

Helps to heal and prevent the effects of skin picking on the hands and nail biting damage on the fingers.

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β€œI couldn't stop picking my cuticles - The urge to pick was INSANE - I kept rubbing my fingers over my hands. Then I found Zanova treatment hand mask. My hands were back to normal in days! This is incredible!”
 -Ken P. |  Verified Buyer

What are the consequences and side effects of skin picking and nail biting?

Consequence 1

1. Skin picking, the removal of the skin around the nail edges, may cause pain and a scaly, rough appearance.

Fingers may become prone to infection and take longer to recover.

Consequence 2

2. Nail biting may increase the risk of infections on the hands.

Bacteria and fungi can enter through open wounds or damaged skin around the nails.

Consequence 3

3. Skin picking may lead to skin damage and permanent scarring on the hands.

Continuous picking and biting cause irritation, inflammation, and potential scarring that may be difficult to conceal.

Consequence 4

4. Skin picking and nail biting may disrupt the natural balance of the skin and nails, resulting in dryness, flakiness, and cracking.

These issues can make the hands appear unsightly and feel itchy.

Consequence 5

5. Skin picking and nail biting may have psychological consequences, including decreased self-esteem, social anxiety, and isolation.

These habits can evoke feelings of embarrassment, shame, or guilt.

Why is Zanova Collagen Treatment Hand Mask an effective solution for preventing and healing skin picking and nail biting?

  • Collagen and Hyaluronic Acid Powerhouse: Our hand mask combines collagen for healing and hyaluronic acid for hydration, helping to address skin picking and nail biting effects.
  • Vitamin C + E Defense: Packed with vitamins C and E, our hand mask protects against skin picking and nail biting damage, supporting skin health and recovery.
  • Soothing Aloe Vera and Glycerin Blend: Our hand mask nourishes and moisturizes with aloe vera and glycerin, reducing dryness and irritation caused by picking or biting.
  • Biotin (B7) for Strong Nails: Featuring biotin (B7), our hand mask promotes stronger nails, making them less susceptible to damage from biting.
  • Natural Ingredients, No Harsh Additives: Our hand mask contains gentle, natural ingredients without artificial fragrances, SLS or petroleum.

Zanova Collagen Hand Mask

Formulated with ultimate trio to soothe and heal sensitive and damaged hands.

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