Collagen Treatment Foot Mask.

Helps to Heals Cracked Heels and Promotes Healthy Toenail Growth, Combating Yellow Toenails.

"The BEST treatment foot mask ever!!"
"Flaky, cracked heels and yellow toenails were such a bother. But then I tried Zanova Treatment Foot Mask, and it worked wonders! My feet feel revitalized, and my toenails look healthier than ever. I'm thrilled with the results!""
-Skyler D.
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Zanova Collagen Treatment Foot Mask

What are the consequences and side effects of cracked heels and yellow toenails?

1. Cracked heels may cause discomfort and pain, making walking and standing difficult.

The skin on the heels may become dry, thickened, and even fissured, leading to discomfort and potential infections.

2. Yellow toenails may be unsightly and may indicate an underlying fungal infection.

Nail discoloration may result from fungal growth, making toenails appear yellow, thickened, and brittle.

3. Cracked heels may worsen over time, leading to deep fissures that are prone to bleeding and infection..

Untreated cracked heels may become severe, creating deep cracks that expose sensitive tissue and increase the risk of infections.

4. Yellow toenails may spread to other nails and become harder to treat if left unaddressed.

Ignoring yellow toenails may lead to further nail discoloration and increase the risk of fungal infection in other toenails.

5. Cracked heels and yellow toenails may affect self-confidence and limit footwear choices.

Unsightly feet can lead to self-consciousness, making individuals hesitant to wear open-toed shoes or sandals.

Why is Zanova Collagen Treatment Foot Mask an effective solution for healing cracked heels and preventing yellow toenail problems?

  • Collagen and Hyaluronic Acid Powerhouse: Our foot mask combines collagen for healing and hyaluronic acid for intense hydration, effectively addressing cracked heels and supporting healthy toenail growth.
  • Vitamin C + E Defense: Packed with vitamins C and E, our foot mask protects against cracked heels and yellow toenail issues, promoting skin health and recovery.
  • Soothing Aloe Vera and Glycerin Blend: Our foot mask nourishes and moisturizes with aloe vera and glycerin, reducing dryness and irritation to combat cracked heels and improve toenail appearance.
  • Biotin (B7) for Strong Nails: Featuring biotin (B7), our foot mask supports healthy toenail growth, making them less susceptible to problems like yellowing.
  • Natural Ingredients, No Harsh Additives: Our foot mask contains gentle, natural ingredients without artificial fragrances, SLS, or petroleum, ensuring a nourishing and safe experience for your feet.

Zanova Collagen Treatment Foot Mask.

Formulated with ultimate trio to soothe and heal sensitive and damaged foot.

No petroleum. No SLS.

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