Collagen Treatment Lip Balm.

Helps to heal and prevent the effects of lip biting on the lips.

"The BEST treatment lip balm ever!!"
"I had a strong urge to bite my lips and couldn't stop. The teeth marks were visible, and it was the worst! Then my friend suggested this lip balm, and my lips healed within days. It's incredible!”
-Olivia H.
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Zanova Collagen Treatment Lip Balm

What are the consequences and side effects of lip biting?

⚠  Lip biting may cause chronic pain and bleeding.

Frequent biting can lead to chronic pain and bleeding, making it difficult to eat, talk, or even smile.

⚠  Lip biting may lead to mouth infections.

Open wounds from biting can easily become infected by bacteria or viruses, leading to more serious health problems.

⚠  Lip biting may cause difficulty in healing.

Constant biting and picking can interfere with the natural healing process of the skin, making it more difficult for the lips to heal properly.

⚠  Lip biting may lead to cold sores.

Biting the lips can trigger the onset of cold sores, which are painful and contagious.

⚠  Lip biting may cause poor self-image.

Chronic lip biting can lead to disfigurement of the lips, which may cause individuals to feel self-conscious or embarrassed about their appearance.

Why is Zanova Collagen Treatment Lip Balm an effective solution for preventing and healing lip biting?

  • Collagen and Vitamin E : Collagen repairs and strengthens, while vitamin E protects and soothes the skin on the lips against the lip biting damage.
  • Petroleum-free: Safe for sensitive and picked lips, prevents absorption of plastic.
  • Healing essential oils: Coconut, cocoa seed, castor seed, jojoba, moringa oleifera seed, and soybean oils - are effective for healing and restoring lips.
  • Provides hydration and locks in moisture: Soothes and restores damaged lips.
  • Free of harsh ingredients: No menthol, SLS, artificial fragrances, paraben, sulfate or titanium dioxide.

Zanova Collagen Treatment Lip Balm.

Formulated with healing essential oils to soothe and heal sensitive and damaged lips.

No petroleum. No plastic.

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