Coffee Fix? Don't Let it Dry Your Lips: Hydrate and Protect!

"Thank you Zanova Lip Balm!"
"I have always had dry lips and have tried countless lip balms over the years. But I soon realized that my coffee drinking habit was making my lips even drier. I knew I needed something special for my dehydrated lips. That's when I found Zanova Hydrated Lip Balm. From the first use, I could feel the instant relief on my lips, it really soothed my dry and chapped lips. It's free from menthol and petroleum is a big plus. I highly recommend this balm to anyone who, like me, struggles with dry and chapped lips caused by drinking coffee."
-David P.
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Zanova Collagen Lip Balm

Coffee Cravers: Top 6 Reasons for Coffee Drinkers to Protect Their Lips

  • The acidity in coffee can irritate the lips, causing dryness, cracking, burning sensation and redness.
  • The caffeine in coffee can constrict blood vessels and reduce blood flow to the lips, leading to dryness, chapped and dark circles around the lips.
  • Drinking coffee can dehydrate the body and exacerbate any pre-existing dryness on the lips, which could lead to chapping, and peeling.
  • Drinking water can be a helpful solution for preventing dehydration in the body, but it may not be a complete and instant solution for addressing dryness and dehydration of the lips specifically.
  • Coffee can make the lips more sensitive to environmental factors, resulting painful lips.
  • The skin on the lips is thin and delicate, and does not have oil glands to protect it from environmental damage, so it can be particularly vulnerable to the drying effects of coffee and other irritants.

Zanova Collagen Treatment Lip Balm.

The solution for coffee-induced lips dehydration.

No menthol. No SLS. No petroleum.

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