ZANOVA COLLAGEN SOAP SHEETS for extremely dry hands

😲 Fast Relief
😲 Fragnance-free
😲 Plastic-free
😲 Vegan

Better than lotions and hand creams

This is because lotions and hand creams temporarily moisturize dry and chapped hands, and as soon as the effect wears off, your hands become dry again rather quickly. However, Zanova replaces harsh soaps that cause your hands to become dry and solve the problem of dry and chapped hands due to the help of collagen which comes with each wash.

Innovative anti-collapse design

When we are outside, we do not give importance to which soap we use when we are washing our hands. However, one of the main causes of our hands becoming dry is the use of harsh soaps, which include chemicals that we do not know about. To tackle this problem, we used a convenient anti-collapse design for Zanova Collagen Paper Sheets. The package does not wrinkle or become creased in your bag or pockets.

Take care of your hands, hygiene and health made easy, in just a single wash

Clean, moisturize and take care of your hands in one wash with only a single sheet.

Collagen boost
All natural ingredients
Plastic savings
Save water

How does Zanova compare to other hand care routines

Zanova Soap Paper for Hand Care
Other Hand Care Routine
Simple. Just wash your hands with Zanova
Soft soap + moisturizer + cream/lotion + etc
Time needed
Fast. Just 20 secs
2+ mins
$25.95 for 120 washes
Price of soap + moisturizer + cream/lotion + etc
Availability / Portability
The compact design fits in wallets, pockets, and bags.
Use it anytime anywhere you want
Only at home

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"Fix" Dry Hands. "Fix" the Environment.

Zero plastic. Biodegradable. Does not clog the drains.

Zanova Soap Paper dissolves in water without residues. Zanova Soap Paper is formulated to be 100% biodegradable. Its packaging is made out of eco-friendly Kraft paper and pure bamboo thread. These decompose naturally, faster than dead leaves in a forest!

Say hello to healthier hands

Give your hands the care they deserve