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Loved around the globe. Collagen Soap Paper helps to make smoother and prettier hands.

Perfect for emergencies (when there are no soap in the public), and travel

Zanova Paper Hand Soap is designed to fit in wallets, pockets, purses, gym bags, and travel cases. The anti-wrinkled package design does not crumble easily. Keep your hands clean and moisturized on the go.

Clean hands and moisturize skin in just one wash

When you are outside of home, it's hard to bring hand lotions/creams with you. Take care of your hands in one wash.

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How does Zanova compare to other hand care routines

Zanova Soap Paper for Hand Care
Other Hand Care Routine
Simple. Just wash your hands with Zanova
Soft soap + moisturizer + cream/lotion + etc
Time needed
Fast. Just 20 secs
2+ mins
Availability / Portability
The compact design fits in wallets, pockets, and bags.
Use it anytime anywhere you want
Only at home

"Fix" Dry Hands. "Fix" the Environment.

Zero plastic. Biodegradable. Does not clog the drains.

Zanova Soap Paper dissolves in water without residues. Zanova Soap Paper is formulated to be 100% biodegradable. Its packaging is made out of eco-friendly Kraft paper and pure bamboo thread. These decompose naturally, faster than dead leaves in a forest!

Say goodbye to dry hands. Nourish and protect your hands today!

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