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Loved around the globe. Collagen Soap Paper helps to make smoother and prettier hands.


Collagen Soap Paper

Hand washing is essential to maintain your and your family's health and safety. However, because of our busy lifestyle, soap may not always be readily available in public areas.
Hand care is another essential that we need to spare time for in terms of health and self-confidence. But it takes extra time and expense.
Zanova Collagen Soap Sheets are designed to solve exact these issues.
Simply pick up a dry sheet and add a little water to form a rich lather. Rub and rinse. Pat dry to reveal clean and moisturized hands.
No need to use sticky moisturizing hand creams or lotions, anymore.


There is a reason for our self-confidence.

We've gone through dozens of tests, processes, and formulations to ensure that each collagen soap sheet we produce gives you the best moisturizing and cleansing experience possible.

We got FDA approval after all internal processes.

Get relief a week with 4 washes a day, or your money back.


Away from dry hands. Without a sticky feeling.

Collagen enriched soap sheets are shortcuts to keep your hands
from getting dry while cleaning away that sticky feeling.

Collagen boost
All natural ingredients
Plastic savings
Save water

How does Zanova compare to other hand care routines

Zanova Soap Paper for Hand Care
Other Hand Care Routine
Simple. Just wash your hands with Zanova
Soft soap + moisturizer + cream/lotion + etc
Time needed
Fast. Just 20 secs
2+ mins
Availability / Portability
The compact design fits in wallets, pockets, and bags.
Use it anytime anywhere you want
Only at home

Give your hands the care they deserve

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